Email Marketing With RestaurantConnect

1 Module 2 Chapters 6 Lessons Intermediate

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Step 1 

Login to your restaurants sub-domain. 

Example: RESTAURANT .restaurantconnect.com

Step 2

Navigate to Channels > Emails

Step 3 

To the right of each email are 4 key metrics


Number of contacts who have not recieved this email. Pending contacts may have been added to the segments for this email AFTER it was set to un-published. Note: If this email were to be re-published ONLY the pending emails would go out. 


Number of emails that were sent. This should be a 1 to 1 match of each contact.


The number of customers who opened the email.

% Read

The amount of customers who read the email divided by how many emails were sent. This is a useful metric to use when quickly comparing open rates.

Step 4

Click an email's internal name

Step 5

By clicking an email's internal name you will load more information about an email as seen below


The link that was clicked in the email blast.


How many times the link was clicked even if multiple times by the same person.

Unique Clicks

How many people clicked the link (does NOT calculate multiple clicks for one person)

Total Clicks

Total clicks / unique clicks for ALL links within email

*Reservation Widget URL

The last URL in this email blast with 27 unique clicks was RestaurantConnect's Reservation Widget.

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