Public Feedback Feed

Written By Adam Christopher  |  features  

RestaurantConnect’s live feedback feed allows restaurants to share with the general public what guests are saying about their visit.

Unlike other review sites, a guest is not able to simply post what they want, whenever they want. All too often, carelessly worded experiences or people with malicious intent can all too easily damage a restaurant’s hard earned reputation in exchange for points, peer recognition or other motivators that take little consideration to how what’s being said could impact other people’s livelihoods.

In the end, poor reviews, or excessively positive reviews, serve nobody, leaving the public with an untrustworthy source of information. Restaurateurs are left battling unseen voices – trying to play detective to figure out who, what, where – when they’d be better off taking care of the guest’s in their dining room and actually improving their business.

Alternatively, for a guest of a RestaurantConnect restaurant to submit their feedback or review, they must physically dine at the restaurant and provide either an email address or phone number along with their reservation or upon arrival if they are a walk-in. They cannot be anonymous. When the guest leaves the restaurant, RestaurantConnect sends the guest an opportunity to share their thoughts on how their experience went. The guest’s response goes directly back to management. This way, the team at the restaurant has a fair opportunity to reach back out to the guest and continue the conversation in a productive way.

In our experience, when a restaurateur has the opportunity to “make it right” 99% of the time the relationship can be not only turned around for the better, once disgruntled guests can become the most loyal, and happy guests. 

In addition to providing comments, a guest can also rate four components of a dining experience from one to five stars: food, service, ambiance, value. Then the overall experience will be averaged according to these categories.

Here’s an example of the public feedback feed:

When a restaurant chooses to make their feedback feed publicly available, it’s not only the ultimate statement in transparency, but also an expression of authenticity. It’s a trustworthy source of real, 100% verified guest experiences. To further protect the integrity of guest feedback, RestaurantConnect does not allow any guest comments to be removed or edited by the restaurant. 

A guest does have the option to mark their comments private should they need to share information that’s sensitive or personal with the restaurant. The five-start rating experience categories remain public.

RestaurantConnect does not share or sell any guest information. For privacy reasons, last names are also never displayed. You may read more about RestaurantConnect’s privacy policy here.