Written By Chris Herron  |  article, Blog  

How many times has this happened to you? Your restaurant has a big party scheduled for set for the upcoming busy Friday Night set. So you mark off valuable tables, room and schedule your limited staff for this large party during this busy set and then they simply, don’t show. No warning. No call. Nothing! Now you lost valuable seating and time that you could be serving more guests, which equates to a loss of money. That loss of money can hit hard, especially in these uncertain times we are currently in.

So the question is, how do you prevent this or cut down on this as much as possible?
RestaurantConnect was created by people who have worked in the restaurant business. RestaurantConnect understands the frustration and loss of time and money this problem creates. That’s why RestaurantConnect’s Large Party Agreement can help prevent no-call no-shows by creating a paper trail with YOUR terms and conditions with an E-signature they have to sign and their debit or credit card on file as the cherry on top!

Completely eliminating no shows to reservations may be impossible no matter how hard to try but it is possible to significantly cut down on them. Large Party Agreements gives you back the power to take control of your restaurant. The NFL wouldn’t sign an expensive Running Back without first creating a contract that protects the team while also protecting the player. Just like with Large Party Agreements, the restaurant shouldn’t create large parties without any protection.