TableReady Notification

Lesson 13 Chapter 4 Module 1

When activated, SMS Messages can be sent to both walk-in and reservation parties when their table is ready.

Adding a Walk-In to the Waiting List

For walk-ins, use the "Walk In/Call Ahead" button to launch the Walk-In creation form.

Be sure to get a valid mobile number from the guest, and that the "Send Confirmation Text to Guest" option is selected:

When the Walk-In is added to the waiting list, an initial text will be send to the guest to the guest to acknowledge they're on the waiting list. 

This first step also helps verify that the provided phone number is valid:

A guest checked into the waiting list will have both a Martini icon (to show they're checked in and on-premise) and an Orange Phone icon (to show they're eligible to receive a text):

When ready to send the a text that their table is ready, select this Orange icon.

A window will request confirmation to send the text:

A text will be sent to the mobile number associated with the guest's dining profile:

When the text message is sent, the phone icon moves to the left and turns green:

Adding a Reservation to the Waiting List

In the reservation log, the orange icon will move to the left and turn green, denoting that the party has been notified:

When an existing reservation that's been preassigned to a table has arrived, select the Check icon to show that the guest has arrived and log their arrival time:

To check a reservation in without a pre-existing table assignment, select the People icon:

Like the walk-in party, the reservation will show the orange phone icon.

Follow the same steps as the walk-in party by select the Orange Phone icon to notify the guest that their table is ready.

If minor updates to the checked in party are required, select either number of guests or the green Martini icon:

This will open the Quick Edit form, providing easy access to modify the number of guests, wait quote and other waiting list related details:

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