How to download and install the software

Lesson 1 Chapter 1 Module 1

1. After selecting the correct link below your default web browser will begin downloading your RestaurantConnect software


2. Once downloaded the file will appear within your browsers download section.

3. You may click the arrow icon next to the file and select "show in folder".

4. Once you are viewing the file in the folder you may either drag and drop the file to your computer's desktop or select "cut" and then "paste" the file.

Once the file is located on your computer's desktop, simply double click the file, and the application will run. If you are prompted to register, please be sure to use your authorized email address along with your normal login credentials.

If you do not your authorized email address OR login credentials please contact support at support@restaurantconnect.com and request your login information. Please provide your restaurant name and position.

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