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Lesson 12 Chapter 4 Module 1

Please take time to hover Guest(s) types/Guest(s) status within your TableWatch module as these thumbnails all display an "alt tag" which upon hovering displays text explaining each icon.

  • Party Size - Current expected party size
  • Page # - pager number
  • Valet # - valet number
  • Hint - visual hint letting the staff know the appearance of the party. E.G. "wearing a white polo with two children"
  • Table Req - A party's table request
  • Wait Quote - Time quoted the guest will have to wait before they can be sat
  • Notes - quick requests, or special notes for this party that cannot be selected otherwise, E.G. "Guest has a specific dietary allergy; peanut allergy, shell fish allergy"
  • Note: Guest status icon's may be reviewed within your Icon Reference Sheet at the end of this training.
  • Reservation
  • Pre-assigned
  • Call Ahead
  • Party Late
  • Party Partially arrived
  • Party currently waiting/On waiting list
  • Party sent TableReady Text
  • Party sat at table but not fully arrived/incomplete
  • Party Seated
  • Party has finished and left
  • Alert (send SMS to Manager On Duty)
  • Note: Color cues will visually appear on the party's reservation listing on the Waiting List Log( Res & Wait view ). These colors will be different for each restaurant. Management may change the verbiage per color cue in their administrator module
  • Note: Guest Type's will visually appear on the party's table/reservation listing on the waiting list log with the respective icon.
  • Birthday
  • anniversary
  • engagement
  • congratulations
  • business
  • bridal shower
  • graduation
  • baby shower
  • romantic
  • appetizers
  • desserts
  • special needs
  • confirmed
    • guest has called or been talked to in person and the reservation is confirmed
  • not confirmed
    • Guest has not been contacted or talked to in person
  • left message
    • Left a voicemail for the guest(s)
  • no answer
    • Guest(s) did not answer their phone
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