The purpose of this course

Lesson 2 Chapter 1 Module 1

TableWatch is a complete dining room management software program created by RestaurantConnect that integrates a social reservation system, where guests can easily share dining activities and post reviews through Facebook and Twitter.

RestaurantConnect is a technology firm that provides cutting-edge software solutions for managing reservations, customer dining profiles, staff scheduling, cost control, budgeting, and private event planning in a single application.

Our Vision is to make the restaurant as busy as possible while making your job easier and more fun to perform. We look forward to working closely with you and helping you learn how to take advantage of all of the tools that are waiting for you to utilize. 

Program Purpose
Your restaurant chose to use TableWatch as a means to:

1. Effectively keep track of guests and their needs
2. Attract new guests to the restaurant through social media
3. Better connect with the guests about their dining experience 
4. Simplify the hosts’ job by:  
  • Keeping an accurate count of guests
  • Taking reservations
  • Confirming reservations
  • Keeping track of a waitlist
  • Managing the dining room
  • Making sure servers are seated fairly 
5. Managers will benefit with the ability to: 
  • Run reports and view quick details 
  • Receive VIP alerts 
  • Receive Feedback alerts 
  • Easily send or create contracts & group dining leads from templates 
  • Record journal notes 
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