What if you could double the amount of guests flowing to your restaurant?

If you’ve followed along the previous emails, you’ve captured a good base of real people that are now loving your restaurant and that are part of your email list.

Let’s get into some magic...

What we’re about to share is like the magic fairy dust of marketing!

It’s a little technical, but bear with us…

Facebook and Google have made marketing insanely effective.

Your customers have online profiles that contain browsing habits, contact information, demographics, and other details that create a “persona” for both Facebook and Google. Those platforms have incredible power in determining which “type of people” will purchase what you have to offer.

You can now import the hard-earned guest info that you already have into Facebook and actually CLONE that persona. Facebook calls these duplicates “look-a-like audiences”. It actually finds people who have never heard of your brand but that are EXACTLY like your existing customers with a match rate of over 98%! 


You’re now able to target exclusively those people with additional offers that will bring new guests in droves. 

People that are looking for the same type of experience as your loyal patrons. 

This stretches your marketing dollars even further, as you gain more traction within your market.

And the same is true on Google as well.

Add to all of that, the ability to show multiple ads to people who’ve already visited your website, you’ll see increased revenues across new AND existing customers of your business.

Simultaneously, your own email marketing list grows faster than it ever has. 

Facebook equals “Hunting” and your email list equals “Farming”. 

Working the two together is a powerful revenue building combination that we’re equipped to help you maximize.

You should call us for information on how to do this, you’ll be glad you did!

We take your restaurant’s growth seriously.

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This post is part of RestaurantConnect's Restaurant Marketing Starter Kit.

This a simple guide show you how start taking control of your restaurant's marketing in just 5 steps.  It introduces techniques and technologies that save you money if you're spending on agencies, or using expensive 3rd party software solutions, while putting you back in the driver's seat of your brand.

But this starter kit is only a first step. Depending on your restaurant's concept, market position and several other factors, putting these steps into action may need assistance to get their full impact.

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