This 1 Thing Could Prevent a Restaurant From Closing

A growing email list.

That you own.

The are many things we can do to maintain a restaurant's success. 

This is a life-line to consistent business through the peaks and valleys of imperfect economies, weather situations, new competition and staff turnover.

A restaurant with a healthy, growing email list is the one that makes it through the hard times.


Because they influence people’s dining choice - on their terms.

Not somebody else's.

And you can ONLY build such a list during the good times.

If you wait until you need the list, it’s too late.

So what are you doing today, to make sure each and every customer has a good reason to give you their precious email address?

What does a healthy email list look like?

It can be full of email addresses, but the list can also be worthless.

The real value of being able to communicate with your customers comes from the same reason Facebook is so valuable. 

It’s based on the ability to Target.

What do your customers like? 

What are their interests? 

What are their dining habits?

Whose birthday is it this month?

What was their last dining experience like?

These are called data-points. 

They are so powerful, in today’s modern world, it’s more valuable than oil.

If you use a 3rd party reservation system, it’s like a person owning oil-rich land, and letting somebody else drill into their land in exchange for a few meals.

We specialize in making sure that you keep control of your oil-rich land.

When (not if) times do change, you’ll be sitting on top of the world’s most valuable commodity.

The difference is you’ll already have done the drilling.

For you, at least, it will be business as usual.

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