A Marketing Platform to
Help Your Restaurant Grow

Stand Out in the Crowd • Generate Buzz • Accelerate Growth 

Has getting to the next level of growth

become a struggle?

  • Having trouble keeping up with your marketing?
  • So many hats marketing has become an afterthought?
  • Marketing efforts land with a thud?
  • Once loyal customers leaving for new competition?
  • Does marketing make your head spin?
  • People you hire to do stuff keep letting you down?

RestaurantConnect Specializes in Businesses that Serve Guests

  • Restaurants
  • Bars/Clubs
  • Resorts
  • Wineries
  • Country Clubs
  • Casinos
  • Event Venues
  • Specialty
  • And More!
If you take care of people with food or beverage, you need RestaurantConnect.

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RestaurantConnect is just what we needed to take Fonda San Miguel to the next level. This program is the real deal!

- Danny Herrera -
Fonda San Miguel – Top 101 US Restaurants – #54


While no longer navigating through
today's marketing demands.


Get the help you need to reduce stress,
workload and uncertainty.


Thrive as a restaurateur. Spend more
time with your team, and customers.

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What makes RestaurantConnect so different?

RestaurantConnect Marketing + Software Framework is revolutionary because we combine technology with story
telling to deliver a powerful kick-punch combination. You get noticed in a crowd of dining choices.

"We’ve had record breaking numbers since leaving OpenTable
for RestaurantConnect. People scared of leaving OpenTable? Don’t they
 know it’s the food that sells? Send anyone you want to talk to us, anytime.

Eric Beverage
​Director of Operations, Bartlett’s

Have a question? Talk to a specialist: 877-234-8783


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