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Stand Out in the Crowd • Generate Buzz • Accelerate Growth 

Has getting to the next level of growth

become a struggle?

  • Having trouble keeping up with your marketing?
  • So many hats marketing has become an afterthought?
  • Marketing efforts land with a thud?
  • Once loyal customers leaving for new competition?
  • Does marketing make your head spin?
  • People you hire to do stuff keep letting you down?

Get the 3 Pillars of the 5 Star Experience Your Guests Crave

There's a time-tested way of creating unforgettable memories for your guests.

The Right Mindset
Training - Consulting - Branding
The Right Tools
Website - Dining Room - Management 
The Right Marketing
Storytelling - Social - Retargeting

A Q/A System for Your Best Restaurant

Let RestaurantConnect help you set expectations - and then exceed them.

The 5-Star Guest Experience

  • Inspire the highest level of word-of-mouth advertising  
  • Keep your brand at the center of attention (it's about you, not us)
  • Perfect the guest journey from first-sight to departure and beyond
  • Better communication via automation, alerts and reminders
  • Share essential guest details across workstations & locations

Keep Them Coming Back

  • Your customer data when and where you want it
  • Empower your team to make the best decisions
  • Collect guest feedback while managing response & results
  • Anticipate their needs in advance or upon their arrival
  • Build true brand-awareness through omnipresent marketing 

No per-reservation fees or per-user charges

Monthly packages start at $297.

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Software Alone Won't Fill Seats

Being the best requires 3 foundational Pillars that work together in harmony.


The Right Mindset

When it's slow, or when it's busy, each team member's thoughts and actions determine how the game is won. Too many restaurants lose business because leadership misses important cues that go unnoticed. Proof of this shows up online and in conversation. Left alone for too long, even champions in the marketplace can lose their luster.

We get inside the operation to help you "see" what's hard to observe from within. The action plan we create together breathes fresh insight into the operation for a game winning strategy all team members can play from.


The Right Tools

Software is great, but without the right mindset behind how, and why, the tools & systems are used, a false sense of "know-how" or security can creep into the operation.  If the tools aren't being used to their full potential, then opportunity to grow from within is lost. Reputation, repeat business and revenue potential is compromised.

But when the team is focused on creating high-value memories, software tools are more effectively used to "fan the flames" of the best guest experiences - and do things even better.  Our custom-built suite of cloud-based dining room management applications helps your team do the heavy lifting and see the "unseen" - because they now know what to look for. Their job is easier and less stressful while ownership benefits from having a system in place that helps manage accountability.  


The Right Marketing

Other "CRM" systems force you to "rent" customers to market to them. It's setup so that if you leave, you lose. This compromise in brand power creates a needlessly expensive "marketing" budget. But when you have pillars one and two providing strong operational support, you shift to a marketing strategy that invests in attracting new guests. The difference now is that you own your customer data- and the full experience. Now, a "one-two" punch from the right mindset and the right tools turns new faces into loyal, repeat guests that doesn't cost you anything to get them back in the door.  

Your marketing becomes an investment (not an expense) that captures new, loyal diners at every table-turn.
You grow your business from the inside out. Just like a 5-Star restaurant.

RestaurantConnect is just what we needed to take Fonda San Miguel to the next level. This program is the real deal!

- Danny Herrera -
Fonda San Miguel – Top 101 US Restaurants – #54


While no longer navigating through
today's marketing demands.


Get the help you need to reduce stress,
workload and uncertainty.


Thrive as a restaurateur. Spend more
time with your team, and customers.

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What makes RestaurantConnect so different?

The RestaurantConnect 3 Pillar Framework is revolutionary because we combine mindset, technology, and marketing to deliver a powerful foundation for lasting success. You stay noticed in a crowd of competitive dining choices.

"We’ve had record breaking numbers since leaving OpenTable
for RestaurantConnect. People scared of leaving OpenTable? Don’t they
 know it’s the food that sells? Send anyone you want to talk to us, anytime.

Eric Beverage
​Director of Operations, Bartlett’s

Be 5-Star. Stay 5-Star.

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