How to Grab People's Attention

Launch a promotion or offer that demands attention!

It must be big enough to stop people in their tracks. It must be eye-catching, newsworthy and so big that people want to share it and talk about!

What would get you to talk about another restaurant? Something that makes you tell your friends, “Hey, check out this awesome promotion, you’ve got to try this place!” 

10% off lunch won’t typically cut it. Neither will "Join us for Happy Hour!" Nobody cares - it’s too common. 

As in the image example above, 25% off is a good start. It has some gravitas to it. 

But we can actually go bigger.

How about a chance to win a free lunch for an entire year? Now you have people talking. 

If you're thinking "what! I'm not in business to give food away!" that's an understandable reaction.

Some points to consider:

  • Like promotional gift certificates, this is a cost of good sold play. And this COGS is a long-term marketing investment.
  • Compare and organize the costs of such a promotion with other marketing costs.
  • A high-value promotion like this run only 3 - 4 times a year.

The big take-away is this: These kind of high-value promotions are used as a tool to jump start your email list.

It's about data collection. To do that, we have to stop people in their tracks, and conduct a win-win business exchange: we're trading your valuable food for their valuable information.

Complimentary Strategy Session

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