Get Diners to be Adventurous While Spending More

When creating Attention Grabbing Offers to drive more diners, it's important to consider what action you want people to take once you get their attention. What will their experience be like once they do action.

This is called a  “Landing Page”. You are on one right now. It's has a single focal point of information, and as little distraction as possible. Unlike a restaurant menu where we want to offer lots of choices, we want to offer only one choice and eliminate as much potential distraction as possible.

Done right, this next step can bring even more customers through the doors. Done wrong, they'll back out and return to what they were doing.

The secret to a successful landing page is in both it's simplicity, and it's focus on what you want your potential guest to do.

Here are 3 Landing Page Promotions That Guarantee More Diners:

  1. 1
    Reservation Widgets: sending patrons directly to the reservation option ensures that no one gets distracted before securing their table. If your guest is booking a promotion, make sure it's exclusive, is limited, and not something available everyday, or to everybody.
  2. 2
    Dessert Menus with Photos: consumers go to the grocery store for milk, but they buy other goods along the way. Desserts excite new diners to give you a try and make it hard to resist buying things along the way.
  3. 3
    Happy Hour Experiences: you don't have to break the bank or promo your restaurant to death. You do need to be attractive though. Spice things up and create a special memory for guests to look forward to. It's essential to keep your Happy Hour newsworthy. What's unique about it? What can you get at this happy hour that isn't available anywhere else? What will people talk about when they hear about your happy hour?

Now, have your web team pull it together or hire RestaurantConnect to build an incredible landing page for you - we’ve been building restaurant promotions for hundreds of restaurants for more than two decades!

Remember: The more generous your offer is, the more people will like your landing page, and more guests will flow through the doors of your restaurant. If you're stingy with your offers, they'll be stingy with their desire to visit.

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